The professional skills are relative to health, sports, wellness and training. the skills are in continue increase. The skills are in continued increased, thanks to the grooving commitment that Ecolife employees put in the professional growth of company.

Teaching and training proposal are strengthened by a partnership, high profile, with Università Cattolica di Milano which allows continuous comparisons and exchanges functional to produce new educational initiatives in lifelong learning.

The activities in Sports are consolidated and broadened with several initiatives that involve both students and masseurs of Ecolife.
Operators who believe in the oneness of the Ecolife profession of massage therapist, do their work productively without conflicts with other figures in the industry but rather, frequently collaborating with Doctors , Orthopedic, Physiatrists, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Dieticians, Psychologists etc. respect the skills and knowledge of the various figures and they make available their preparation to provide support multidisciplinary prevention, maintenance, and recovery of the best muscle form.

The strength of Ecolife is based on professionalism, competence and fairness that are always considered, internal at the Company, in relationship with other professionals skilled and with customers.

If this force will not be less, our path still reserves much satisfaction for those who, with the different roles live or have lived the experience of Ecolife Milano since its inception in 1996.


DSC00482 Il team Ecolife

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